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Unifor is Canada’s largest private sector union, with more than 315,000 members across the country, working in every major sector of the Canadian economy.


As Unifor Union Members, many of us have experienced the failure of our union to represent us by not challenging the unlawful and coercive proof of COVID-19 vaccination mandates imposed by our employers.

Uni4 Rights Society has retained lawyer Umar Sheikh, the former CEO of the BC Nurse’s Union, as we seek justice and to assure this never happens to anyone again. Uni4 Rights Society is leading a multi faceted legal and public relations strategy to seek restitution for our current and former Unifor members. More about Umar Sheikh can be found here

Membership in the Uni4 Rights Society is open to current and former Unifor Members who:

Fall into one or more of the 4 categories of harm as identified by Sheikh Legal:

  1. Placed on leave without pay or terminated by their employer.
  2. Coerced or threatened into taking a vaccine.
  3. Resigned or took an early retirement due to the vaccine mandate.
  4. Vaccine injured.

The registration fee to become part of the legal campaign is $350.00 cad. This includes membership into the Uni4 Rights Society.

Registered participants may have their names included on any and all collective legal and labour relations actions that Uni4 Rights Society carries forward on behalf of Unifor members and will receive updates on those actions. Your name may be on legal documents.

Note: Unifor members who have already been terminated due to the mandate; those who took early retirement; as well as those currently on leave (e.g. sick leave, maternity, etc.) may still register and participate in this action.

Registration is Open to Current and Former Unifor Members

Registration is a two step process.

  1. Make your payment either by e-transfer through you bank, or through the online platform ‘’. (RallyUp should open in a different tab. Come back to this tab once your payment is complete, to carry on with step 2.)
  2. Fill out our registration application below, and click to send it to our administrators.

Once your payment and this registration application have been received, you will be contacted in person by one of our Welcome Committee Volunteers, to confirm that you are a current or former Unifor Member. Once confirmed, you will become a member of our legal campaign; member of Uni4 Rights Society; and be sent your log-in information to your account in our Member’s Only area of this website. This Process can take a couple days, as we are volunteers, and we have a lot of people registering.

You Must Read and, (in step 2), Agree to the Following TCA and Karmic Retainer

Step 1:

Make your payment of $350 registration by e-transfer or Rally Up.

E-transfer NOW Available
Set up our email address as a recipient in your bank. Payment for Registration: $350.


* Credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay
& Google Pay are accepted

If you prefer to pay by a different method, please email for further instruction.

Step 2:

Your Contact Information *Note: You MUST complete step 1, before continuing on to step 2.

We sort by postal code, so please re-enter it here.
Please do not submit this form before completing your full payment. *OR* select option 5, so you can be connected to the Hardship Committee. We do not have payment-plan options.
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