The Uni4 Rights Society (the “Society”), a not-for-profit corporation, has been founded in order to:

  • support and educate union members of their roles and responsibilities in accordance with their collective agreements
  • support and educate union members of the roles and responsibilities that their unions have to them, as outlined in their Collective Agreement


The vision of Uni4 Rights Society is the creation of workplaces where fundamental rights and freedoms, including the right to bodily autonomy, are upheld and protected by employers, union leadership and union membership alike. The Society strives to inform and support union members in retaining their rights to make personal, private medical choices, free of employer and/or union coercion and mandates that result in loss of income and job security.


To achieve the mission of Uni4 Rights Society, we commit to legally holding to account those who have caused harm to union members by direct violation (or indirect violation by inaction) of collective agreements, Canada’s Charter-protected human rights, and Bill of Rights including but not limited to the failure to protect a worker’s bodily autonomy, privacy and or freedom of choice.

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Unifor members, as well as all citizens of Canada,
need to remain free to pursue gainful employment, work,
and engage in commerce without discrimination, and threats of dismissal
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