The announcement of the retirement of the President of Unifor and the subsequent reporting of an alleged breaching of the Constitution by the same, warrant a closer look at the two.

Since September of last year Unifor has been complicit in allowing employers to suspend and discharge dues paying Unifor members based on their medical choices. Not only that but Unifor has actually suspended and discharged its own employees. The very organization that promises to protect us from transnational global corporate predators has become one itself. To say that Unifor, along with most other unions have dropped the ball is a massive understatement. The members that Unifor has so easily dismissed and dehumanized are finally having their beliefs and decisions validated. With the recent release of 38 pages of Pfizer documentation, including nine pages of adverse events, that which was hidden is finally coming out into the light. The FDA a “Pharma Whore” of Pfizer, went to court to have this information hidden for 75 years. This from a company that was fined $2.3 billion, the largest criminal fine ever imposed in the United States. This information is readily available in the public domain Where is the much heralded Unifor Research Department? What exactly are they researching? It certainly seems that they’re not doing much research into matters that pertain to the health and safety of their members. We can furnish these documents for Unifor if need be.

In the Unifor Constitution it is stated that “the Constitution is the highest governing authority,” and states that “engagement happens when ideas are welcome, involvement is encouraged and when the union actively develops the skills and understanding of its members.” At no time did the union seek to understand differing viewpoints of its members. Thousands of pages of documentation could have been provided to Unifor at any time expressing the concerns of its members and many attempted to voice their concerns and fears. Many Unifor members have witnessed friends and family damaged by vaccines, people that were leery to begin with, yet submitted to the pressure, coercion and bullying of their employers while unions stood by and did nothing. Others not financially able to retire signed up for retirement behind a vale of tears. Those who wanted to make their own medical decisions free from coercion were simply dismissed as conspiracy theorists worthy of derision. It seems that Pfizer and our governments haven’t been honest with us preaching the mantra “safe and effective” and our gullible union bought it “hook line and sinker.” Since when has any union believed everything the government told them? Never, that’s when, but something has changed.

Further into the Constitution in a bullet point under the section of “Objectives” it states, “To protect and strengthen our rights at work” and it also states “to strive for a safe workplace free of discrimination and harassment.” The union has spent decades protecting workers rights including the right to keep our private medical information private and not be forced to give it to our employers. Decades of precedent thrown out the window on the word of governments around the world with no hesitation and no investigation. Did we ask where is the much heralded Unifor Research Department? Unifor members who held a different position than their National Executive Board were allowed to be discriminated against and harassed resulting in being terminated or placed on unpaid leave by their employers and worst of all in some cases, their union. Less than 30 members of the Executive Board determined what rights 315,000 members of Unifor would retain and what rights would be sacrificed to the god’s with white lab coats.

There is no question in the mind of many Unifor members, vaxxed and unvaxxed, that our union has failed us but it “may have” also failed its National President. Informed consent is the bedrock of modern Western medical ethics. It is the process of a position clearly explaining the risks of a treatment to the patient and then getting the patient approval to perform the treatment.

The Globe and Mail obtained an internal email sent by Mr. Dias to Unifor staff dated March 11/22 which stated that “he decided to complete his term as national president because of a chronic nerve-related condition that made it difficult for him to focus on daily tasks.” In the email, Mr. Dias wrote that he has been suffering from a “debilitating sciatic nerve issue” since December, and was awaiting direction from a neurosurgeon about the health issue. “Frankly, with the pain killer, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medication, it was difficult to concentrate on my many daily challenges,” he wrote. He added in the email that he is also dealing with heart issues and was evaluating next steps with his cardiologist. “Recently, it has gotten to the point that it can no longer be ignored. I have spent more time in hospitals and have received more tests than I can ever recall.”

Is it possible that Mr. Dias is victim of vaccine damage? He stated this has been happening since December. Neurological and heart issues are known side effects of the vaccines. Did someone sit down with him and give him informed consent by reading the nine pages of possible adverse events related to the vaccines? The members of Unifor want to know if Jerry Dias is a victim of Big Pharma. The answer to this question has huge implications for the 315,000 members and their families. Under normal circumstances this would be an inappropriate question to ask but there is no need to attempt to hide behind medical privacy. Unifor has not respected the medical privacy of its members for the past two years. If it is the case that Mr. Dias has had his health compromised by the vaccines, the members of Unifor have every right to know, in light of the policies imposed upon its own members by the union and employers. Unifor members are waiting.

This letter was sent to Unifor on Tuesday March 15th, 2022.

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